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Camp Corner Newsletter-Sept 2017


Pictures Posted...

So sorry for the delay getting pictures posted. We have so many it takes a reliable internet connection with good speed to get the 1000's uploaded.

NOW I have posted all the pictures from the summer. So be sure to see our website for all the pictures of you!   

Summer Camp Pictures  -you can always find the pictures from our home page and by clicking "Current Campers"



Each summer we get many encouraging words from our families. Here is one such note. 

"Hello. I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for a wonderful experience for our son. He is a different kid, in a positive way. He has become more assertive and gained confidence in many ways.  He left for camp very apprehensive and annoyed with us for sending him. He came home HAPPY.

Looking forward to our girls attending your Discovery Camp next June.
Thank you for all your hard work making the camp a special place for kids."



What a Wonderful Summer
Yes, Camp is over and the silence of nature is everywhere except for the occasional Loon call... and the sounds of progress... Over the last 30 days Luis & Billy have been busy completing projects at camp. Some have been big, we will tell you more about that later while others a bit smaller, but all have made camp a better place.

We want to thank those nearly 40 families that believe in SNC so much that they were willing to to pay more than the basic camp price. It is the generosity of these folks that makes it possible to do so many wonderful projects from adding new docks, refurbishing our pontoon boat and our most recent adding a new roof to the Nature Center.

But at SNC we did more this summer than fix up the facilities. We built friendships that empowered campers to be more confident and self reliant while learning more about Nature and themselves.
Thank you to all
Jeff & Lonnie Lorenz


What Counselors are Saying!

Hi Swift Family
I already miss everyone and hope that everyone’s school year is going wonderfully

Hope to see you soon!


Hi Everyone,

I hope all of you got to enjoy the end of summer and have had an awesome start to the school year.  Since heading back to college I’ve had a chance to continue swimming and will get to go hiking at High Cliff State Park with my geology class soon.  Good luck in school, and don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the world around you from time to time!        -Abby





We love it when families post something positive about SNC!
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The Transition- Back to Home

Returning home from camp brings excitement to the whole family. It is important for parents and campers to understand that going back home is a time to return to the "Real World" with more responsibilities, homework and parents with high expectations.

Here are a few ideas to help campers move back into society

1-Wean your kids back slowly on electronics. Now is the time to set up your expectations including: creating a charging station and have no electronics in bedrooms.

2-Give your kids downtime to reconnect with friends – Don't over program and help set up face to face times with friends

3-Encourage sleep – Camp is regimented with regular bedtimes, except for the last few days. Try to start a regular bed time routine.

4- When you see a new habit give it a thumbs up. Positively reinforce  behaviors – especially the new ones you like. It is easy to fall back into the old not so good habits.

5- Debrief. As parents of a camper, we often don't often hear camp stories till mid November. So don't worry if they are not so forthcoming, just keep asking and they will come

6- When you learn something about SNC that is Amazing or Troubling, contact us via email or phone. We want to know.

Enjoy your children it wont be long till you send them back to us.

   SIGN UP FOR 2018 

It is going to be another Great Summer!


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