Swift Nature Camp

Swift Nature Summer Camp

Summer Camp-Discovery

Summer Camp-Explorer I

Summer Camp-Explorer II

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Swift Nature Camp provides a unique Summer Camp program for boys & girls ages 6-15. We specialize in camp for those looking for a summer home out in Nature. SNC provides, Canoe trips, Arts & Crafts, Archery, Swimming and much more. Each day SNC gives children new experiences and opportunities to develop lasting friendships while gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and the natural world.




Science Summer Camp


Nature camp

Camp Hugs are BEST hugs!

Sebastian has clay hands

Cali gets a Drink




Time for Flag

The gods Visited SNC

Let's go Tubing



Wi Summer Camps
Science summer Camps

Best path at camp

Dr. Nefario comes to SNC

Leander Gets an SNC apple




Let's play Legos

Pippi has a Pig

Niunia and her horse pal



Wi Summer Camp


Ryan helping paint tables

An old fashioned game

Clowns Everywhere


Summer Camp Wi


Summer camp Science


Science at Summer Camp

Carlos makes an edible minion

Alex Takes his best shot

Making Ice Cream with John


Mn Camps


Min Summer Camp


Camps with science

Heading out for riflery

Kylie loves food over a fire

Which one is Jimbo


Camps in MN 


Cici wants to go home

The benefit of Muck

Magic at SNC


Nature summer camp


Wi camps


Science summer camps

Juju and Sylwia

The beauty in Nature

Katelin can stay dry




Wisconsin Summer Camp

Joyce makes a friend.

Plenty of beach in 2013

Isabelle the clown


Science summer camps


Summer camps


Summer camp

Learning from a Ranger

Michael on a back pack trip

Kara is Miss America


summer camp birthdays


Childrens Camps in summer


summer cam snakes

So many Birtdays at SNC.

Let's go canoeing

Angus... the Snake catcher


Summer camp swimming





Swift Nature Summer Camp

Summer Camp-Discovery

Summer Camp-Explorer I

Summer Camp-Explorer II

Pre Camp-Staff


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