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School is out and children are looking for something too do, but the furthest thing from their mind is to do school work. Camp provides the ability to bring it all together with fun.
When school’s out, camp is the Hot place, it is where adventure and fun and take over. Most camp children when at camp feel they are as far as possible from books and learning. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Yet, camp is not like school but is still is a place of learning. 

Summer Camp also provides kids with opportunities to learn what they’re interested in, which is how kids typically learn best. For many of the campers at choose activities that they are interested in. Some pick a camp that specializes in a particular field of learning, Circus camp to soccer camp. Regardless of the experience opportunities are providing unique experiential learning experiences that often kids don’t necessarily get at school or home,

Lonnie Lorenz, director of Swift Nature Camp realizes, “At camp, kids get their hands dirty while they’re learning and those skills transfer to real life, as they learn to make decisions, get along with their cabin group and take care of themselves, I believe Swift Nature Camp provides some of the most valuable education that children can benefit from. The lessons are so much more than learning to build a safe campfire or shooting a bow, they are lessons that teach us how to look at life.

Camp provides the opportunity for children to step out and try new things, to go beyond self-imposed and parental limits. Some times these are huge other times they might be a smaller step. Yet they are all steps forward. When a child is Cautious about trying new things,stepping out is good for a child’s growth and development. After all we will all be challenged to try new things in our life. When a child tries something new and succeeds, it makes it easier to repeat that behavior and thus developed the courage to try new things, overcome obstacles and gain confidence. All this is done in the in the supportive atmosphere of camp. These Camp built skills, like flexibility, curiosity, cognitive thinking and resiliency, transfer immediately to school situations and later in life. 

When you’re at camp, you’re trying new things with other people who are often doing it for the first time as well, this creates a bond of support and thus learning happens naturally through a safe atmosphere of managed risks, without the distraction and pressure of grades. The benefit is that children don’t even realize they’re learning and that the best type of leaning when it is internalized. 

Picking the right camp program can help a child develop leadership skills, responsibility and a sense of independence, These are important building blocks for future academic and personal success and that is why camp is a place for learning.

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