What's Next If You Are A Retired Nurse?

Often it is the stress and demanding schedule that causes a many nurses to retire from their daily job. Yet, for many retired nurses work life is not over. No many continue working, but at a more comfortable tempo. So if you have retired but are not ready to stop working, you may just find something that tickles your fancy.


1-Summer Camp Nursing

Thousands of summer camps every summer are looking for a camp nurse. This is the perfect place for a retired cmap nurse. These positions are only during the summer and often are out in the country away from city life. Camp Director Jeff Lorenz says " Our camp nurse is a valuable part of the camp team. Although she only spends a few hours a day in the Health Center it is the other time when she is being a friend to campers or helping in the nature center or even at arts & crafts that makes he so valuable. She is part of the community of camp" So if you are looking for a place to be loved and appreciated while having fun, being a summer cmap nurse might just be the place to look. Many states are part of a compact that makes it easy to be a nurse in another state for a month or two. Swift Nature Camp is currently looking for a camp nurse for the summer of 2018.



2-Home Care Nursing

One of the benefits of Visiting patients in their homes is the flexible hours, letting you work as much or as little as you choose. Often home care includes: wound care, palliative care and other home support services that allow the patient to care for himself as much as possible.Home health care is growing five times faster than the average for all health care industries. With an aging population,it seems clear that this will be an area of health care that will be around for a long time to come.


3-Substitute On-Call School Nursing

Being a substitute school nurse is right for you if you have lots of experience and a love of children. Working as a substitute school nurse provides extra income and ensures that you will have weekends, evenings and school holidays off. If you are approaching retirement, you can give this career a try before you retire by submitting the required information, along with your schedule, so school boards can call you when needed. Qualifications vary by state and school district, and a criminal background check will probably be required before you are allowed to work with children. Substitute school nurses tended to make between $12 and $20 an hour as of January 2011.

4-Flu Shot Clinic

So you need a little cash around the holidays, try working at a flu shot clinic it might may be the answer. Locations are everywhere so you are never far from work weather it be clinics in malls, town halls and other locations. Often, hese clinics are often run by private immunization companies that hire Recent graduates  and retired nurses looking for cash,  flexible hours and convenient locations.


Yes,  Retired Nurses you could spend the rest of your days teying to catch that ne big fish that has eluded you all these years. Or you could get back into a working lifestyle but under your terms.


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