Is Swift Nature Camp Right for Me?
This is probably the most important question you ask yourself when you're looking for a summer camp. At Swift we are a diverse bunch! Campers and staff may come from your town or state but often they come from other states and even from other countries! This is what makes SNC so special. Everyone has unique personalities, likes and dislikes, passions, and quirks — it's fun to learn from and about others and find the common threads that everyone here shares!
SNC is for you if:
You Like Trying New Things
Camp is a place of constant discovery. Every day brings something new. You will try lots of new things here: activities, foods, games, and just the camp way of life! If you're already thinking about coming to SNC, that's proof that you must already have a knack for adventure! We can't wait to help you develop and reach your own goals when you arrive this summer!
You Are Kind to Others
We have no time for putdowns, bullying or exclusion at camp. Camp was created to be a place welcoming to everyone. That’s why our campers believe in being kind and inclusive. By lifting others up we can be a better team and better accomplish our goals. If you share this belief you’ll fit right in and make lots of friends while you are here.

You Like Nature
At Swift, we spend most of our time together outside because there is so much to do! Playing in nature and learning about nature are two of the things we do best. We love and respect animals and the environment and get excited about experiencing the crazy things you can find just past the front door of your own cabin. Don’t worry if you haven’t spent much time outside - everyone can appreciate the outdoors and we’ll help you discover what parts of nature you most appreciate!

You Have a Goofy Side & Like Fun
Fun is a priority at SNC. Sure we have a little competition but winning takes a back seat to fun. Camp is a place to let your inner goofy out, get silly, and be comfortable in your own skin. From laughing so hard you can’t get to sleep, to dressing up crazy for no reason, to rolling in the mud, camp is just a fun place. If these things sounds like fun to you, then you’re going to love it here.

You Like Adventure
An amazing part of our 3- and 6-week camp sessions is the overnight camping trips you will be taking! You will be kinda like an explorer, you will never know what is around the next bend. It could be an eagle, a deer or maybe just a picturesque view. On these trips you’ll find your way to fun and adventure by hiking, canoeing, and even biking. No matter the mode of transport, you will learn valuable camping and wildlife skills. You’ll be equipped with knowledge about proper camping techniques and how to practice "leave no trace" principles.


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