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We help children with self discovery to become more confident, kinder and filled with a better understanding for others.



2018 Summer Camp Dates & Rates

June 17-June 29

Boys & Girls 6-12, Cost $1299

Currently Space Available

Our exclusive beginner camp program for Girls & Boys ages 6-12. It's designed for the "first time" camper who may be a little reluctant to leave home. This program offers additional counselor support and takes no overnight camping trips. Plus we have a money back Guarantee for our Discovery Campers Limited to 50 children.
First Time at Camp Guide


Explorer 1               Explorer 2
July 1-July 20          July 22-August 10

Boys & Girls 7-15, Cost $1999

Currently Space Available

This is our traditional program for returning campers or new campers who are comfortable leaving home. This program incorporates our old fashioned outdoor camp activities plus canoe, backpack & bike camping trips. Each trip is geared toward a camper's skill and ability. Limited to 75 children per session.


July 1-August 10
Boys & Girls 7-15
Cost $3699

Currently Space Available
This program is for campers who wish to accomplish more during the summer and have the time available. Many returning campers select this program. Limited to 20 children.


July 1-August 10
Boys & Girls 16 & 17
Cost $2000

Currently Space Available
Our teen (16/17) leadership program is designed for young adults who are to old to be campers and want to be leaders to our campers. We teach CIT's how to motivate, care for and deal with young people. They get hands on experience and responsibility in daily camp life. CIT'S are the role models for our campers. Leadership Program Limited to 6 CIT'S.


signup CANADIAN CANOE TRIP (5 days)
August 13-17
Boys & Girls 14-17, Cost $499

Currently Space Available

This Adventure is open to older campers who are physically active and have canoeing experience. Our trip is a wonderful opportunity to see the pristine Boundary Waters area of Canada and northern Minnesota. Current campers receive first options for this trip. Limited to 7 children.


Swift Nature Camp is open to all children, our goal is to help each camper enjoy and feel valued while at camp. For most children this is easy. However, some children need additional support and encouragement, if this is your child, please call (630)654-8036 prior to registration so we can chat further about how to best help your child fit into the SNC community to make their stay a success.


We hold space for campers who are registered and fees paid as scheduled. Enrollments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, with a waiting list started once all spaces are filled. Parents will be notified if a particular session has been filled and if another is still available. Campers on the waiting list will be notified of their position and deposits refunded by June 10th if no space opens for them.



How can our prices stay so reasonable?
The State of Wisconsin (our landlord) has given us a directive to provide a quality summer camp experience which increases a child's environmental awareness at a cost below that of comparable private residential camps. We are proud to furnish each camper with a premium camping experience at a cost far below that of other camps. On average, savings may be as much as $500 per week compared to similar programs offered by private camps.

Payment Options
Our online application process allows credit card or echeck payments. We also accept payment with paper checks, Paypal or cash. Please note we charge a 3% processing fee for credit card payments.


Multi-child Discount
Children enjoy going to camp with siblings and friends because they feel more at ease and have more fun. For every friend or relative (three or more) you send to Swift Nature Camp, we will discount each child's tuition $50. When completing the application form, just email us a note saying who the other two campers will be.

International Campers
America summer camps are a wonderful way for children to practice English Language Immersion. Children practice using English in a fun sportive environment while making new friends. Learn more at International Campers Button for summercamp

Financial Assistance
Partial scholarships are available for those campers requesting assistance. A limited number of reduced registration fee scholarships are awarded on a space available basis. Applications must be returned with a minimum deposit of $300. Enrollment is not guaranteed. On June 1st prospective campers will be notified whether their scholarship applications have been accepted or denied. Should a camper be denied acceptance due to limited space, the deposit will be returned. Upon camper acceptance, payment in full will be due with in 2 weeks. Should a camper be accepted and not wish to come to camp the deposit will not be returned. Summer Camp Financial Assistance is available as needed... See Application Button for summercamp

Crowd Funding
All the rage these days is using the internet to help raise funds for those special needs one may have. No longer do you need to sell cookies in front of the grocery store to raise money for camp. At IWannaGoToCamp.com campers and parents raise funds for summer camp by asking friends, relatives and other internet friends to help contribute to the camp experience.
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Reserving Space
1. Complete the online registration
2. Make a minimum deposit of $100 with a credit card or echeck.

Remaining payments are due as follows:
$100 with registration
$300 -February 1
$300 -March 1
$300 -April 1
$300 -May 1

Final Balance June 15

Our online registration system will allow you to create an account and keep track of all required paperwork as well as any payment you may have made.


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bug1.JPGAdditional Charges

Camp Store - A $75 camp store account will be established for purchases, weekly allowance, field trips and incidentals at camp. Any open accounts at the end of the session will be credited to your remaining balance or refunded.


Horseback Riding - Horseback riding is available. Two or three sessions are scheduled with a total of five hours of horse care including, riding and grooming. Cost is $115. Optional


Scuba Diving - Any child age 14 and older can participate. Nine classes, which include two hours in the classroom and two hours in the water, are offered. In addition, five free dives will be completed. Campers who fully complete the program will earn world-wide certification. Cost is $375. Optional


Discover Scuba Diving - Any age child can participate who is an excellent swimmer. This class teaches the basics of scuba and allows a camper to suit up and go for a 30/45 minute dive with the instructor. No certification is given with this class, but you will see a bunch of cool things under the waves. Cost is $150. Optional



Camper Insurance - Tuition covers the cost of basic health care on the camp facility by the camp nurse. Parents are financially responsible for any preexisting conditions or any condition and emergency which may require off-camp treatment, consultation, medication, or hospitalization. Medical insurance is available for any of these situations at the cost of $40 per session. A wonderful option for our international campers. Their is no deductible and a $10,000 limit. Optional.


Sheets and Blankets - If you don't want to pack those bulky sheets and blankets we have them available for rental for $35 per session. Optional.


Educational Tutoring - If your child needs a refresher in math, spelling, reading or science, we offer five hours per session of one-on-one lessons. Cost for tutoring is $60. Optional.


Video Yearbook - In late December, we release our video yearbook, which is a great way to relive the fun of the past summer. One will automatically be sent to you at a cost of $25. Optional.


Camp Photos - The yearbook is filled with photos of your cabin mates and the whole camp, including the camp dog. It even includes your portrait. Cost is $50 plus shipping. SAMPLE BOOK Optional


Between Sessions Care- Our Adventure Camp participant have the option of going with their parents between sessions or staying at camp. Should you choose to stay at camp the cost is $150. Optional


Transportation - Bus transportation from Chicago, Rockford, Madison or Minneapolis is $200 round trip. International Campers and those from further states may fly to the Minneapolis airport, where we will meet your camper at the gate and bring them to camp with a camp van charge is $200. One way is available for $100. Parents may also drop their children off at the camp on the appropriate day.



Cancellation Policies
All payments are fully refundable for any cancellation prior to April 1st. Should you need to cancel prior to camp starting but after April 1, a $250 service charge applies to all refunds. During camp, there can be no reduction in tuition if a camper arrives late, leaves early, or temporarily departs for a given time.


Swift Nature Camp accepts all applicants who are willing to abide by the rules and policies of the camp. We expect campers behavior to be positive and beneficial, both for themselves and to others. However, at its sole discretion, camp has the right to dismiss any child, without a refund of tuition, whose behavior is rude, mean spirited, mentally or physically harmful to themselves or others. This includes, but is not limited to, the use or possession of drugs, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages, knives, guns or any other camp inappropriate or illegal substance. We reserve the right to search campers' belongings. Any camper who chooses not to follow this policy may be counseled and if necessary disciplined or dismissed. Please be sure you discuss this policy with your child and that they fully understand the consequences of inappropriate actions at camp.


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