Put the “YOU” Back in YOUR World!
Swift Nature Camp is one of the few places that is dedicated to you. We are not about grades, sports scores or impressing others. When you step into Swift Nature Camp for the first time, you’ll soon realize that this magical place is awesome, crazy, and fun! At SNC, we believe that camp should be…All About You!

SNC is a special world that exists truly for you! For kids! At camp, your goals become ours! How do we do this? Simple:

You want to have fun?
There’s no better place than camp! There are hundreds of opportunities. You will spend each day immersed in a world where you can’t wait to wake up in the morning!


You want independence and choices?
We believe in the power of choice at camp. That’s why every day you can sign up for the activities that want you to do! Not to mention free time, a part of the day that you can pretty much do whatever you want! Independence happens each day as your cabin works towards being a positive, supportive team.


You want friendships?
Away from the peer pressures of school, the camp atmosphere is caring and kind. Quickly, cabins are transformed from strangers to best friends that can’t help but laugh at inside jokes while trying to go sleep at night.

You want to feel valued?
Simply walk down the path at camp and you’re sure to get high fives, hugs, and the brightest smiles. Why? Because everyone knows you and each person is special at camp; this is just one of the the way we show you that you matter.


You want someone who listens?
Counselors are like awesome older brothers or sisters who truly want you to feel your best. They are always willing to help and ready to play or just hang out. Have a problem? You can always count on them to listen!


You want nature?
From the Nature Center, islands, lake, forest, and everything in between we’ve got you covered. We even have Forest Rangers and other cool people stop by to teach you a thing or two about the outdoors!


You want to challenge yourself?
Camp is filled with opportunities to grow and overcome obstacles. You can earn patches for new skills, become a better swimmer, or simply try something new. Set some goals. Counselors and campers are here to support you to achieve them. Don't know your goals yet? Even better. Learning who you are and what you like makes you a more interesting friend to BE. It all seems to work out at Swift because we all work together.


You want to discover?
Because camp allows you to do so many things that you probably can’t do at home, you’re sure to discover a new skill or talent that you didn’t know you had. You’ll also learn awesome things about the environment by having fun, not sitting in a classroom! Who knows which new friends love the things you enjoy, too!


You want a place to be yourself?
Campers tell us every year how camp is a safe place where they aren’t judged. There is a special magic at camp that simply brings out the best in people. When you leave, you’ll feel happier with who you are because your friends at camp know and love your true personality! 'Be yourself' takes on new meaning in your life.


This is just the beginning of what Swift Nature Camp has to offer. It's all about YOU. YOUR dreams. YOUR goals. Who YOU really are inside. So now all we need is YOU.


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