At Swift Nature Camp we believe we are an integral part of your child's development. We see ourselves as more than a place of fun and new adventures. Our goal is to help your camper mature and grow up to be a responsible, kind friend to others. Here are eight of the things we believe are important.

Benefits of SNC


We don’t entertain campers, we engage them. Every part of camp life will have your child engaged with other campers and staff. Activities are led by instructors who challenge campers to learn new skills and improve old ones. Through encouragement, campers are motivated to learn more about themselves and their potential.


What would camp be if it wasn’t fun? Campers are motivated to try new things because the goal is to have fun. Fun is what brings friends together and puts a smile on each child’s face. Fun is camp.



Learning is a key component of camp life and it can only happen with qualified instructors at every activity and program. Part of each activity period is dedicated to instruction and the rest to practicing skills in a fun, organized, non-competitive setting. Our instructors are friends first - this gives them amazing credibility with each camper.


Friends are the reason campers return year after year. In fact, a major, if not the most important, component of our staff training is teaching counselors to foster those friendships and help campers who struggle to make friends. A child will only love camp and have fun if he or she has a friend to enjoy it with—SNC knows this and works hard to help friendships bloom and grow. When a team works and plays together, friendships are often the result. That's why campers tell us they have better friends at Swift Nature Camp than back home.



Campers come from countless countries and states. With so many languages spoken, cultures represented, and life experiences to share, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about acceptance and openness of mind. Campers learn to live with and respect every individual, regardless of background and upbringing. When your child comes home, they will have gained a more global perspective and friends from all over the world. This is so important in our global society.

Campers learn the importance of working as a team not only on the fields but in the cabin as well. Teamwork involves learning how to share and be respectful to others. This is such an important skill because once learned, it is a lesson campers will retain the rest of their lives. Maybe that's why we stress teamwork everyday at camp and make the analogy that a cabin is like a family.


Campers learn the value of their contributions. Whether it’s bunk cleanup or a volleyball game, campers learn they have a role and that others depend on them to carry out that role to the best of their abilities. Canoe and hiking trips are times when individual responsibility shines because successful cabin trips rely on each and every member to do their share.
For most children, camp is the first time they become fully independent of their families. They learn to take healthy risks, make good decisions, and live on their own. The independence they learn at camp will help them succeed at college and throughout their lives.
In the ever-changing, fast-moving, “plugged-in” world of computers, smart phones, video games, and movies, camp gives children the opportunity to discover an alternate world of nature, sports, arts, and adventure and face to face relations. Children learn how to live without headphones in their “me” world and how to enjoy living with others in a “we” world.
All this and more is how SNC is helping parents mold their children into respectful, helpful, kind and caring individuals. Read our other articles about Summer Camp


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