At SNC we understand that as parents you place great trust in us to physically and mentally support and care for your child. Your expectations are high and as Camp Directors we hold our staff to the highest standards. By the way, our son is in a cabin as well. With this in mind, we hire only a dozen or so new staff each summer because about 40-50% of our staff return. Often these new counselors are referred to SNC by previous staff because they know what type of young person we are looking for.

So what do we look for? College age adults who have showed some responsibility with children. Many of our staff are studying to be teachers or have been counselors at other camps. Nature is a big part at SNC so if a counselor has science knowledge it’s a plus. If not knowledge then just an appreciation for nature-someone excited to look at a sunset or look up at the clouds and determine if the cloud looks like a dog or an elephant. Because we are a summer camp and teach activities, we also look for skills that counselors can teach at camp, for instance archery, riflery or swimming. But probably, the most important skill we hire for is kindness and caring for others, Most skills can be taught but this one is much more difficult to teach.



Being that we hire so few, we can be very particular and search for just the right match. We tend to hire domestically, because we know these folks aren’t just coming to camp to “see America”.

After the applicant fills out a difficult and time consuming application (see our site) we will do a 1-2 hour interview and at that point a decision is made to continue or stop, only 1/2 of the applicants make it to the next step.

From there we have a thorough screening procedure that includes both personal and employment references, a criminal background check and drug testing, All of these steps are taken to help ensure your child is getting the most qualified caring and safe counselors they can have.



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