Summer Camp by design is built for fun so there are things we do to help children feel more comfortable with daily life here. One of the best ways to give children a feeling of security is to have a regular daily schedule. That is why just about every day at SNC campers make choices within a familiar routine. The activities will vary, as will who a camper might be enjoying activities with, but from wake-up to bedtime the days are well structured and organized. We believe in keeping campers busy.


At SNC our morning activity programs are selected so that your child stays with cabin mates. Cabin mates will be your child's closest friends and these mornings together cultivate the habit of teamwork, encouragement and support. This structure works especially well for our older campers because they are with familiar same-gender friends and they are more willingness to try something new or risk looking foolish.
Afternoon activity programs are fully elective, giving every individual the opportunity to select the activity he or she wishes to participate in. This empowers children to make decisions and live by them. Brothers, sisters and friends enjoy this freedom because they can sign up for activities together if they choose to. Before dinner we have Free Time, when most of summer camp is open so campers can do what they want for as little or as long as they like. For instance, a camper can spend 10 minutes swimming, then take out a boat for 15 minutes, shoot some baskets for few minutes or head to the Nature Center to play with the critters. This is the best loved part of the day because campers are fully in charge of their time. They learn to allocate time, plan ahead and prioritize their decisions. During this time staff members are posted at particular areas for each activity, while other staff members roam around camp watching camper safety and guiding the fun.
After dinner all campers come together for camp wide games and activities. During this time ages and genders mix allowing older campers chances to lead, younger campers chances to have role models and all campers opportunities to make friends. Each cabin has a scheduled bedtime: for younger children 9 pm and for the oldest bedtime is at 10 pm. Before that, campers head to the bathroom to wash up and brush their teeth. Showers are taken 3-4 times a week depending on age and activities. Once everyone is back in the cabin there is time set aside for processing the day, using a little routine we call "apples, onions and bananas". These personal good-nights are the way that counselors check in with each camper and hear about what was good and bad about that day - and what they are looking forward to the next day. With the lights out, your child's counselor will begin reading the bedtime story and once the chapter is done will turn off their flashlight and roll over for some well deserved sleep. The counselor will gladly accompany your child on a nighttime journey to the bathroom if need be.
Typical Daily Schedule:
7:30 am. Rise and shine !
8:00 am. Flag raising, announcements, and breakfast
8:45 am. Cabin cleanup and inspection.(The cleanest cabin gets an award )
9:30 am. Cabin activity
11:00 am. Cabin activity
12:30 pm. Lunch and afternoon activity selection
1:15 pm. Quiet time (rest, read, or write home)
2:30 pm. Chosen activity session
4:15 pm. Free time and camp swim
6:00 pm. Dinner and flag lowering
7:00 pm. Evening programs including Capture the Flag, Skits, or a Counselor Hunt
9:00 pm.
Back to the Cabin
10:00 pm. Lights Out



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