At Swift Nature Camp we believe that our science and nature programs engage children in ways that keep learning fresh and continuous. Camp life includes natural chances to learn valuable social skills in unique and memorable ways.
For those parents who want to continue more specific academic education while their child is at camp, we can offer any camper the opportunity for personalized tutoring in subject areas such as math, science, reading comprehension and English as a second language (ESL). This tutoring is done by our counselors, many of whom are college education majors who look forward to providing one on one tutoring sessions tailored to meet a child’s individual academic needs. Tutoring sessions are held during the time of day when the rest of the campers are having a rest hour, so tutored campers never miss any camp activities.
Our tutoring program can be set up in two ways. Parents can provide books or study guides and a precise program for us to follow to meet a child’s requirements in a very specific area of study. Often, parents just want their child to stay fresh or strengthen a general academic area. In those cases we have age specific workbooks available that camper and tutor can use to work with.
SNC tutoring is not school! We like to think of what we offer as more of a supplemental refresher course than an intense teaching of new concepts. Tutoring is not included in base tuition and is available as an option during online registration.


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