Summer Camp Accreditation in Wisconsin is done by the The American Camp Association . The Accreditation means that the children's summer camp you are considering has voluntarily agreed to undergo a thorough review of over 300 standards; from safety procedures to staff training and qualifications. The American Camp Association does not stand alone but works with experts from The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth service agencies to assure that current practices at that summer camp reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation. Camps and the ACA form a partnership that promotes summers of growth and fun in an environment committed to child safety.


ACA LOGOBottom line, when you send your child to a summer camp that is ACA accredited you know the Owners and Directors are doing everything possible to provide a safe and positive growing experience for your child. Please be sure to select an ACA Camp this summer.
ACA works with accredited camps to provide:
* Healthy, developmentally-appropriate activities and learning experiences
* Caring, competent role models
* Service to the community and the environment
* Discovery through experiential education
* Opportunities for leadership and personal growth
What are some of the 300 ACA standards?
* Staff to camper ratios are appropriate for different age groups
* Goals for camp activities are developmentally based
* Emergency transportation available at all times
* First-aid facilities and trained staff available
What's the difference between state licensing and accreditation by ACA?
Accreditation is voluntary and ACA accreditation assures families that camps have made the commitment to a safe, nurturing environment for their campers. State Licensing is mandatory and requirements vary from state to state. ACA standards are recognized by courts of law and government regulators as the standards of the overnight summer camp community.
How do ACA standards exceed state licensing requirements?
ACA goes beyond basic requirements for health, cleanliness, and food service into specific areas of programming, including camp staff from director through counselors, emergency management plans, health care, and management. ACA applies separate standards for activities such as waterfront, horseback riding, adventure and travel.
How can I verify that my child's camp is ACA accredited?
Look for the ACA logo on camp website. Visit the ACA website at
www.ACAcamps.orgor by calling 1-800-428-CAMP.
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