Activities - Get ready because there is so much for you to do at SNC, you might just run out of time to do it all. There’s no need to be nervous about trying new things, because at SNC we focus on fun over competition. Your friends will encourage you while your counselors will give you as much or as little instruction as you need. This non-competitive focus really makes a difference. When there are no losers, you are a guaranteed winner! Whatever session you choose, you’ll be smiling as you experience each and every activity that camp has to offer! Click on each area to get a detailed list.

Summer Camp nature centerSwift Specialties
We pride ourselves on being a little different. We have opportunities that you probably won’t find at other camps. See what makes us special.

LEGO: Yes it’s true! We have an entire log cabin dedicated to building with Lego! It's a place where you can build anything you want with our thousands upon thousands of pieces, truly letting your imagination burst forward. We even have special classes that offer challenges like spaceship and catapult building! Lego is just one way that you can let your creativity shine at camp. You will be amazed at how supportive everyone is toward your creation.

NATURE CENTER: This is the pride and joy at SNC. Here you can play with critters, catch frogs and even learn a thing or two from our Nature Center Director who is top notch at helping you discover nature and all its wonders. Check out the Nature Center page to know more about all the fun stuff that goes on here!

CLOWNING: Have you ever been called a clown? At camp you can join our clown troop. You’ll learn the basics of clowning and even get to put on a show or two. There’s nothing better than making others feel happy through laughter.

PAINT BALL: New to SNC is this gem we've hidden in the woods. Here you get the chance to keep score as you aim your trusty slingshot at the many targets on the range! Want to brighten your day? Wait until you see all the colors when your paint balls hit the target and explode!

PIONEER CAMP: Get on your pack and get ready for a short hike out to our 100 year old log cabin in the woods. Here you and your cabin mates can make your meals, swim, canoe and even sleep in the loft. Pioneer Camp is like stepping back in time, thats why we dedicated it to environmentalist Aldo Leopold.

Wisconsin Summer Camp Water SportsWaterfront Activities
If you love the water, SNC is the place for you. Our lake is just the right size and its waters are always inviting. Plus, each evening you will see amazing sunsets across the lake.

TUBING: Hold on tight as "Squirt" the jet boat zips you around in a tube over the water! Your goal here is trying not to fall into the lake. Yet the real fun is when you do.

WATER SKIING / KNEEBOARDING: If you want to go water skiing or kneeboarding, we’ll help you get the basics down! Many campers start by holding onto a pole connected to "Squirt" and eventually graduate to holding the rope. Kneeboarding is similar but as the name suggest you are kneeling. Skiing or Kneeboarding is not easy and with some concentration and persistence you are sure to master these new skills.

SWIMMING LESSON: Twice a week you will have swimming lessons with the other campers from your cabin. Our instructors are dedicated to increasing your skills and will give you a lot of personal one-on-one time. Our first goal is to help you feel more comfortable in the water and to ensure that you are safe. Then, get ready to take things to the next level by having fun while you keep improving your abilities.

RECREATIONAL SWIM: During the heat of summer you will love heading down to the lake for some good-old-fashioned goofing around in and on the water. From jumping on "Wally" the water trampoline, sliding down "Sally" the slide, playing with foam noodles or making a sand castle on the beach, you will be in for a good time. No matter your ability, you’ll always be safe because certified lifeguards are there watching over you.

CANOEING: Everyone gets to canoe at SNC - we have one of the best programs around. Our expert instructors will quickly help you become skilled in canoeing techniques and safety. It is a thrill to use a canoe as transport the way people did long ago on the same waters. Whether it's just for fishing, a local island jaunt or paddling all day on overnight trips you will enjoy the silent ride.

SAILING: Our instructors will teach you all you need to know about proper sailing techniques. Once you’ve proven your abilities, you can take boats out on your own and feel the power of the water and the wind!

KAYAKING: Learning to Kayak is simple and fun! When you zoom around on the lake in our kayaks, you’ll wonder how you ever traveled any other way.

ISLAND HOPPING: There are so many islands to explore on our lake: Picnic Island, Sand Island, Saw Tooth, and more. When you're exploring these islands with your counselors and friends you might even find an eagles' nest or that perfect swimming beach.

FISHING: Like to Fish or just want to learn? We have many Northern Pike, Bass, Walley and even Pan Fish in our lake. Rummor has it we even have Muskie, the largest sport fish around.

SCUBA: We offer courses that start with an introduction to the world of diving or a very intense certification program!

Wisconsin Summer Camp Land SportsLand Recreation
-With our expansive forest to explore as well as the many areas we have set up for sports, you’ll keep finding ways to kick the fun up a notch or two!

TEAM COURSE: You and your teammates will need to use all your skills as the SNC Director sets out extreme challenges and life sized puzzles for you to solve. We’ll supply the blindfolds, maps, clues, and things to climb on. You supply the brain power and the ability to work together.

ARCHERY: Take aim as you set an arrow in flight toward the target. We will give you the instructions you need to make sure you hit that bull's eye.

RIFLERY: Our first goal here is that you learn to respect a loaded gun at all times and we will teach you proper gun safety and improve your target aim.

TEAM SPORTS: On the ball field or on one of our courts, you can play soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, pickle ball, badminton, kickball, Frisbee, baseball, and softball. Don’t be surprised if we add a goofy variation, like "Barney Ball", a game when the bases move as you run toward them.

HORSEBACK RIDING: It's a favorite at SNC regardless of skill level. English riding classes will include horse grooming and tacking, walking, and post-trotting. The best part of all will be taking your new skills out into the woods for an instructor led trail ride.

GAGA BALL: Even crazier than the name is how much fun you will have playing this wacky dodgeball game. You’ll quickly pick up on this high-energy sport that will keep you coming back again and again.

CAPTURE THE FLAG: A true camp favorite. With so many places to hide you will have a blast as you sneak around camp trying to bring your team to victory. We even have a spinoff version with "Americans" vs "British" teams.

COUNSELOR HUNT: Can you outsmart your counselor? Use your tracking skills to find your counselor and other staff as they hide around camp or even on surrounding islands!

COOKOUTS: Nothing beats working with your cabin mates to set up a fire and prepare a meal! Top the evening off with games, stories, songs and s'mores and it is sure to be one of your favorite memories.

BIKING: While you are on trips or at camp, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area on a fantastic bike. We supply the helmets and wheels; all you need to bring is yourself and enough enthusiasm to peddle up some of our ferocious hills. Don’t worry - what goes up must come down.

ADVENTURE TRIPS: These overnight outings come in all varieties and include canoeing, hiking, biking, and more! Our first aid & lifeguard trained counselors will teach you all the camping basics to help you conquer forests and rivers. We want you to feel comfortable being out in nature. The best part is the adventures that create fantastic stories of independence and overcoming nature's elements.

OX BARN: This is our landmark log cabin that was built 100 years ago. It provides shelter and entertainment on those days when the weather is less than pleasant. Here you can play, pool, ping pong, air hockey, foosball or skittles, read, lift weights or even play the piano.{/mooblock}

Camp arts and craftsCreative Activities
- Camp has no limits and neither should you …we will help you get your creative groove on.

JEWELRY MAKING: Lonnie will help you craft your own jewelry to wear yourself or give away as a gift!

POTTERY: You can use our pottery wheel or just your hands to craft amazing pots and other creations! You can even glaze and fire them to give them that professional look.

PAINTING: Pick up a canvas and some paintbrushes and we’ll teach you the basic techniques you need to make a beautiful painting!

CAMP CRAFT: We are experts at traditional and not-so-traditional camp crafts. When you go home, you will be an expert too! Come to the Craft Castle to learn how to make beaded animals, friendship bracelets, tie-dye, and so much more.

SINGING & INSTRUMENTS: At SNC singing is not only for the shower. Vespers, campfires, meals, or anytime that you want can be a time for singing or playing instruments. If you like to perform you can even sing or play in our talent show!

COOKING: Cookouts are a fantastic opportunity to get your chef hat on. If you're interested, you might even be able to help out in the kitchen preparing meals for the entire camp!

NEWSPAPER: You are the reporter as you write articles, draw comics or interview others for our Camp Corner publication.


Achievement Awards- learning is fun
At Swift we know learning new skills can be Fun. Our Achievement Awards program allows you to choose the activities that you want to excel at. We have more than 20 different awards from Birding to Archery. The beauty of our Achievement Awards is you choose your areas of expertise. Some campers come back summer after summer trying to earn every single patch, some are happy with just a few, and some choose not to participate.

Once you complete one of the four levels, you receive an Achievement Award patch that you can sew on to your camp blanket. Your camp blanket is more than something to keep you warm at night, it is asymbol of each accomplishment and pride.

Achievement Awards- just some of the activities to learn about

Arts & Crafts Awards


Camp Archery Award


Summer Camp Canoing Award


Lifeguarding Award


Fire Safety Award


Stars at CAmp Awards


Canoing Awards


Camp Cooking Award


Fishing at Camp Award


Clowning Award


Birding Award


Camp Water Skiing award


Camp Biking Award


Vespers award


Pet Care Award


Knot Tying Award


Polar Bear Swim Award


Horse Riding Award


Insect Award


Camp Rifle Award


And much more


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