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Have you seen this girl before.....
If you were at Swift a few summers back Lexie was there enjoying a more natural way of life. She even won the Ernie Swift Environmental Award for her caringness to animals. We are sorry to see her leave Americas Next Top model. Read what she has to say...


Here is what Lexie had to say in her home town paper

"I totally saw it coming. It wasn't undeserved."
That's what Lexie Tomchek had to say after she was eliminated from competition in Week 5 of 
America's Next Top Model which aired last Wednesday. The Top Model hopefuls have been coached, received makeovers, and been photographed by some of the industry's most prestigious photographers in some of the most unusual settings—on a beach suspended in the air wearing bird costumes; on a moving conveyor belt while trying to strut, but mostly stumbling; and in a wrestling ring with masked hunky wrestlers playing a dominatrix, among a few other things.
But while the wild ride on reality TV is over, Lexie is looking forward to starting her career as a model. And she might just have a slight edge with a portfolio filled with professional photos from her TV days.
So, did she think she'd get this far along in the competition?
"I think once I got through casting week and into the house, everyone gets into the mindset that, wow, I can really win this thing," she said. "You kinda convince yourself that you're going to win."
She admits she had hoped to get a bit further on the show than she did, but said she's not disappointed.
"I think I made my mark," she said. "I'm happy with that."
Lexie showed a little moxie by getting into arguments with her nemesis Kacey, who remains in the competition, and by pulling a prank on the group by planting a note with silly makeovers for the girls as if that's what the show had planned.
But she said was happy with the way she came across, since some of the girls get little air time.
"I like the way I was edited and shown," Lexie said. "Pretty memorable, which was nice. It's better than going through the whole experience and never seeing yourself."
Regarding Kacey, Lexie said the one thing she regrets is talking so much about her.
"It seems as if I was obsessed with her, and I'm not," she said. "I'm apathetic towards her, I don't care, I don't get it. I don't know why she's still there."
Lexie said one of the most interesting things about her experience was being able to learn about the industry, both modeling and reality TV.
"I learned a lot about myself, like where my limits are," she said. "I've never lived in a house with 14 girls with strong personalities. I went from being someone whose life was drama-free to someone who gets in fights.
"It's not really me, so I was surprised that I was portrayed that way."
She said she was proud of herself at the good fortune to have been on the show.
"I don't regret anything. I'm happy I was a part of it, and I'm very grateful," she said. "I realize how many people would kill to be in my position.
"I think back on all the thousands of people who auditioned and then I was one of the 14 in the house."
So, does she hear from Tyra Banks, the show's host?
"Oh, yeah, Tyra and I talk all the time," she joked. "I Tweet at her sometimes and she never Tweets back, so thank you, Tyra!"
Lexie said she planned to hit the pavement this week "agency shopping" in Chicago. She said she plans to stay here for at least a year and then see where things go.

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