Benefits of a Kid's Camp

When a child goes off to camp for the first time, your courageous camper grows but so does everyone else in the family. At Swift Nature Camp we widen their horizons, help them make new and lasting friends, and discover new skills. Camp is so much more than just daycare. and you wouldn’t be considering camp if you didn’t think it would add to your child’s growth and development. Although camp can help your child learn to be a better swimmer, acquire a better canoe stoke, or learn pottery, the real benefit of camp will be when your child returns home and you see the increase in self-reliance and self-confidence. This is what camp is all about! It is so much more than fun and activities. What a gift!
Even though you know all the social and emotional benefits that a quality camp experience can give your child, don’t be surprised that you have mixed feelings about giving up your child for a few weeks. Most parents do! After all, nothing takes more trust than giving your child over to the care of other adults. Finding this trust, letting your child see that trust and letting your child go off on his or her own adventure with your blessing takes courage! It is also why we believe you too will grow from the experience of camp! It is only a stepping stone to your child leaving for college.



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