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Hey Parents,
Grab your child's hand and head in to Nature! Any adult who has a personal relationship with nature was once a child, hungry for knowledge and FUN...
Hey Parents,
Grab your child's hand and head in to Nature! Any adult who has a personal relationship with nature was once a child, hungry for knowledge and FUN new experiences outdoors. It is not only a parents desire but their responsibility to foster a love of the outdoors at a young age. This effort, and for some it will be, not only will you be get the two of you to do some physical exercise, but you will also be introducing them to an endless amount of new information about the world around them. Hikes are a wonderful activity at any time of year. Spring offers the first flowers of the season. They may be wild or carefully planted in someone’s back yard. Either way, children enjoy the hunt for new buds and examining the different types of blooms that the season brings. At spring we also see an influx of birds. Younger kids are content to merely watch a bird fly, yet older children can find enjoyment in noting the different characteristics and identifying the breed of the bird they've discovered or even smearing some peanut butter on a pine cone and hanging it from a tree.

In summer, animals of all varieties are most active and easier to spot. Even in the city you can find a few squirrels in the trees. Carry your flower and bird watching activities into summer as well. Don’t forget to keep you feeder full and water in your birdbath.

Most folks do not see Autumn as the season of harvest and reproduction for nature. With a bag in hand start to collect pine cones, acorns, seeds and other items that can be used for crafts or displayed as is. Be sure to have your child identify each and tell you how it might be used in nature. A bouquet of colorful fall leaves is incredibly easy to create and will give your child a constant reminder of the fun they had outdoors.

Winter may not be the most hospitable season for many, nature hikes can still be incredibly rewarding. Try seeding a spot by picking out a specific area and throwing out seeds, bread, apple chunks or bird feed. Upon your return, examine the snow for tracks then determine which animals have been enjoying your feast. If you continue to supply the same area all winter, you will most likely get the chance to see if your guesses were correct before the snow melts. Remember, most animals are nocturnal so go out after school at dusk.

Don't feel the need to be constantly hiking to enjoy the outdoors. You can entertain your child plant a few early blooming flowers and keep the bird feeders full. A budding naturalist will want to check every day and see what’s new. Make sure to give them a journal to record their finds. Younger children may be happier drawing their finds, while an older child will be happy with a disposable camera to commemorate the changes they notice.

Gardening is a wonderful way to get children outdoors. Keep their attention span in mind while planning the size and number of plants, otherwise it will be extra work on your hands. Vegetables like carrots, leaf lettuce and radishes are almost foolproof, But the most rewarding and fun is getting one or two pumpkin for jack o' lanterns.

For most families outdoor activities are most often done in the summer. Yet, for most parents making the time to get out in nature can be a challenge. Camping is a great way to expose kids to nature, but rather than giving yourself the hassle of planning a week-long trip there are some options. First, just set up a tent one morning in the backyard. Cook your meals outside, fly kites and play tag. When it's time for bed, crawl into your tent and tell stories by flashlight. Second, have the pros help you out. Look for a day or an overnight summer camp that specializes in Nature and the outdoors. For many parents this might seem like a whole new area that they might be reluctant to get involved with, but once you do your research you will find that Summer Camp is so much more than just a break from your’s child development!

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Swift Nature Camp is a Wisconsin Summer Camp for boys and girls ages 6-15. Our focus is to blend traditional summer camp activities while increasing a child's appreciation for nature, science and the environment. They also have a special “first time at summer camp” program that is dedicated to providing kids a wonderful first time experience.
Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu once said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Start your child on their own thousand mile journey through life today. 

The most important Hint is to remember when looking for things to do in nature is to get OUTSIDE. Almost any indoor activity can be done outside in nature.

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