Summer Camp Anxiety

Summer is on the way and children around the world are flocking to USA summer camps. THis uniquely American institution offers kids the opportunity to gain independence while learning school curriculums, music, sports, dance and acting camps. Yet one of the most popular is the traditional summer camp experience, where children play in nature and learn camping skills.
Regardless of the type of camp you and your child choose often parents feel separation anxiety from their children, especially in the case when this is a first time experience. Parents tend to become lonely when their are not around. However, parents just like children need to feel comfortable away from each other. Ones desire to be together is only proof of how well you are parenting. Here are a few ideas to reduce your anxiety while waiting for your camper to return.
• Be sure that you feel comfortable in the camp you have selected. Call the director a few times with in the first week to make sure your child is doing well. Now that you have no safety reason to worry it time to try and move on.
• Enroll in a special interest class. While your kid is away learning something new during the break, you too could see this as an opportunity to also address your personal interests. You could try enrolling in cooking classes or yoga courses. Whatever your preference might be, there is an available adult summer class for you.
• Date Night ! I once had a parent tell me”Now that the kids are not home me and the misses are going to be home all night in our undies” I don’t know if you need to do this but you can go out for a nice dinner and see a movie. 
• Learn a hobby. You could learn how to do cross-stitching, baking, photography, or other things that interests you. This is the perfect time because your children won’t be around in a few days so nobody could disturb you. So take a class at the park or Jr. College.
• Finish or start reading your piles of books and finish watching your tons of DVDs . Nothing beats days of lazily doing nothing in the house and just being a couch potato. It would feel like you are back to being a teenager again because there are no kids to tend to.
• Pamper yourself for a day in the spa and a stroll in the mall to shop. Surely, you won’t really be depressed if you experience the things you love, right?
Remember camp is a growing experience for our children but at the same time its getting us ready for the day they move out to college.
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