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These days parents heavily schedule their children making it more difficult for children to get outside and play. It seems as parents, we give much more importance to technology than nature. After all do your kids see you more at the computer screen or taking a walk in Nature? Enough Said! Kids folllow their parent examples and it is estimated that most children spend nearly 6 hours a day in front of some sort of screen.

Famed author Richard Louv, of Last Child in the Woods: is alarmed by this untouching of nature. He calls it Nature-deficit disorder and sad situation in child development. He feels there is a link between lack of outdoor play and and increase in obesity, attention disorders, and depression.

Summer Camp is just one place that can help children learn to appreciate nature as well as teach children independence and friendship....

Connection with nature and other children are important in raising a generation that sees the importance in protecting this planet. Most camps today are specialized in sports, acting or math. Swift Nature Camp a traditional camp that encourages good values, playing outside and a focus for nature?

Afterall, when playingOutside you get to run around, be free of all those indoor limitations, and become whoever the game requires. At SNC Outdoor play is a group activity. It is all bout you and your cabinmate not about who wins.This helps build important relationships, human connections that tend to run much deeper than other relationships. It has long been said thzt camp friends are true friends Perhaps this begins to explain why girls say their camp friends are their absolute best friends perhapps outdoor play is just one of the forces that make camp friends so strong.

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