Wildlife At Summer Camp

It is spring in the Northwoods, black bears are emerging from their dens and looking for food. Since at this time of year most of their natural food sources are limited, they look for food from any source they can get it, including bird feeders, garbage cans, grills, etc.  It is best to keep these things put away until other food sources are available to them. 
Large groups of wild turkey have begun to break up and males are gobbling.  The fourth five-day spring wild turkey hunting period is Wed., May 4, through Sun., May 8.
An increasing number of migratory birds are continuing to show up in the area and more waterfowl are being seen on area lakes. Canada geese gostlings should start hatching around mid-May. Ruffed grouse should be drumming and woodcock and snipe should have started peenting.
In the evening you can hear the loud calling of wood frogs and spring peepers. Eagles are actively tending nests now and can also be seen migrating through the area this time of year. Ducks began their nest building in mid-April.
The current fire danger level for Price County is moderate; however, dry areas still exist and caution is needed until the grass greens up.

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