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Super Counselors

By: Zoe Lincecum

Once upon a time in a land far far away at Swift Nature Camp, it was a beautiful super Sunday, perfect for a barbecue on Picnic Island. Everyone was having a good time swimming, climbing trees, and sniffing too close to the barbecue.
Then, all of a sudden, everyone heard a splash. Heads turned to see a giant pirate ship with evil robo-pirates with styrofoam heads emerging from the ship where Dah-G-Dah once stood.
Super Tom turned all the counselors into super counselors! They were ready to defend Picnic Island (and protect the campers, of course). Out came Hillary, standing on top of her flying giant chicken and screaming at the top of her lungs.
Asa the vampire was sucking the power out of the robots while Colleen (a.k.a. Triple C, the wrestler) body slammed robots from a tree. Tony and TJ, the amazing archers, finished some off wih flaming arrows. Jeremy transformed into a grizzly who thinks that the pirates are cheese and eats them. Ian Noble used his hypnotic singing powers to control the robots and made them fight for SNC.

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Mike used ninja powers and emerged with nunchucks. Nick suddenly took off his mohawk from his head and threw his “booma-hawk” at the pirates to chop off their styrofoam heads. Cory, being Tarzan, was eating fried bananas from the barbecue and throwing the peels at the robo pirates’ heads.
Aliena, who was friends with aliens, told them in their secret language to 
attack the pirates. Because of the battle, many were being injured, so Katie the healing fairy tried to save them all. Kim and Simone, the cavewomen, were pulling tree trunks from the ground and handing them to Maddy, who had super duper strength and used the tree trunks to whack away the pirates.
All that was left was poor little Ian who had no power. Simone, with her koala fingers, was able to throw her magic vegemite to him. He gave it a try and turned into super, tall giant Ian and stepped on the pirates’ ship. 
As the battle raged, Super Tom put some special attachments on his cart, the most noticeable being a laser cannon that he had been experimenting with in his secret workshop. He popped out of nowhere and started to blast the pirates with his laser cannon. 
Once all the pirates were defeated, Super Tom had some new materials to fix up his new cart and then decided to turn the counselors back to normal as if nothing had happened. However, at the final campfire, there were many skits where pirates had invaded Picnic Island.
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