Archery Activities

When one thinks of summer camp they think Archery. Yet, archery is so much more than just a way of spending time at camp. It provides us the opportunity to teach life skills: patients, following instructions and persistence just to name a few.

Archery is one of the Swift Nature Camps most popular programs. Both beginner and advanced archers will receive high level instruction from experienced teachers. You'll learn a little about the history of archery as well as the safety rules and commands for the sport. You'll also learn how to string a recurve bows, notch and draw arrows, and proper stance, aiming, and firing.

Our goal is for campers to have a positive first experience with archery. So they feel confident about their experience and want to do the sport more often. We often hear from parents that when their child got home they wanted to get a bow and arrow for the back yard. That makes us feel we are teaching archery the right way.

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