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Yes this is the newest member to SNC. It's Bubba a Juliana Pig. These miniature pigs trace their ancestry back to Europe.  With selective breeding programs, these pigs have kept their smaller size. Juliana's have a very gentle disposition and love to play. Bubba is about 14 inches tall and weighs about 50 pounds. Bubba can get up to 70 lbs and has 2 more years of growing. Like all Pigs they have a Cloven Hooves. Congratulations to all those that guessed Bubba was a PIG!
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Pigs Are Smart
Studies show that pigs share a number of cognitive capacities with other highly intelligent species such as dogs, chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, and even humans. So what tricks can we teach Bubba this summer?

Pig Intelligence
-Excellent long-term memories
-Are whizzes with mazes
-Can understand simple language
-Love to play and mock fight
-Live in complex social communities
-Cooperate with one another  
-Can manipulate a joystick
-Can use a mirror to find hidden food
-Exhibits forms of empathy
Maybe you will want Bubba to do some of your Homework
Summer is on the way and I'm getting pretty pumped!  I'm the kind of guy that is always looking for new experiences and people to connect with, and what better place for that, than SNC?
When I was asked for some things that make me tick, I drew a blank.  Not because there isn't anything, but because I find joy when I immerse myself in any activity. I am hard-pressed to find something I do not enjoy.  That's what gets me so excited about SNC. I will not only get to experience new things and play alot, but I'll get to share those experiences with you folks who are just as psyched to be at camp as I am! So when you see me, be sure and share with me the things that are special to you. I am sure i will find them fascinating.  I can't wait to meet all of you, See you soon,      Nick
P.S. Can't believe I take second billing to a Pig! Nice to meet you Bubba.
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On the Road Again...

Did you know each Winter & Spring Lonnie & Jeff hit the road and tell the World about SNC. We go to many schools and other Summer Camp Expos, to tell families what makes SNC such a special place. This year we have received very positive reactions from visiting families. 

Us at the Camp Fair at York H.S. in Elmhurst, Il. (Old Tags)

After 20 plus years, we finally got professional Name Tags
You know Swift is a magical spot: one where you play outside, respect others and share your dreams.  But for many of your friends they have NO idea what camp is all about. For many its scary to be away from home and out in nature. As an SNC Ambassador you help your friends feel more comfortable going away to camp. You tell them about the Adventures and Activities and explain what cabin life is like.  After all that's what friends do they help their friends overcome challenges.
Here are some of the benefits:
1- Recognition During the Opening Campfire
2- Club Pillow Case
3- Free Life Straw Water Bottle
4- Ambassador Patch for your blanket
5- Invitation to the Ambassador Club Meeting, Includes

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Camp T Shirts- are as special as each summer. Each year we ask campers to give us design ideas. These can be had drawn or digital, either way we will vote next month to see which T-shirt gets the most votes. So email your artwork to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
horse campSo What Do You Gain From SNC
New friends, positive values, personal growth, great adventures and outrageous fun are the foundations of camp life at SNC. This combined with our HUGE variety of activities allows each camper to grow and explore every single day.

Activities Include:
Land Activities - Water Activities - Camping Trips - Nature -Science - Animals ...

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Chances are that if you came to SNC or are thinking of coming to SNC in 2016, you are a Nature Nut!


We will be having a N. N. Meeting…Open to All


It will be filled with Nature, Fun and Learning. Hope you can join us!
When: February 28th

Where: Fullersburg Woods
 Oak Brook, Il

Time: 1-3pm.
Megan from our Nature Center will be coming from Wisconsin just to run the program.

Please let her know you are coming by sending her an email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Come and make her feel loved by you


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W7471 Ernie Swift Rd.

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