Welcome to the Swift Nature Camp Family. CIT & JC's (ages 16 & 17) with your help, we will provide a valuable life changing experience where we all respect each other, support each others differeces, encourage personal growth and feel deeply connected to each other. Past campers know that camp provides an experience like no other, their is a special magic that happens. Swift Nature Camp is a unique environment where lifelong friends are made and each family member realizes the positive impact they make on each other and the world. If you are willing to give of yourself and help other enjoy this special place...we would love to see you at camp next summer.

The CIT/JC program is geared for young people who want to be a camp counselor but are not 18 years of age. CIT's learn more about being a camp counselor by assisting staff teach activities and helping with day to day living skills. CIT's have a unique and sometimes awkward position for they are neither camper or staff. Past campers often find it a difficult transition from one of being a camper to one of being responsible for campers. There is a big difference. Think about how much energy your past counselors had, often just to get the cabin clean or get your group ready for a camp out. Your responsibilities are limited and rarely is a CIT alone with campers, yet it is a big job. CIT's often participate in camp much like a camper, taking trips, playing games, and learning new skills. A CIT'S major role at camp is to be actively involved in all camp activities, working with staff and acting as a Enthusiastic, Responsible Role Model for campers. Being a CIT can be very rewarding position, and when we all do our part the "Swift Nature Camp Team" works better than you can ever imagine, and everyone has a great summer.


Program Length
In an attempt to promote staff continuity we encourage CIT's to remain at camp for the full 6 week program. However, under special circumstances exceptions may be made.

Program Cost
CIT Tuition for the 6 week program is $2,000, this includes all meals, activities and housing.

Compensation and Benefits
Reimbursement of camp tuition to the CIT is $75 per week ($450 per summer) . Please read the Job Description, for additional information. Payments are paid in full at the close of camp. In addition, weekly CIT's will receive an allowance of $10 which is additional to their tuition reimbursement.

During your time at camp you will meet regularly with the CIT coordinator and discuss, child development, cabin needs, camp rules, and other issues that will help you be a better CIT. In addition you will spend time with the director, nurse, cook, and other staff learning about their positions and responsibilities at camp.

Health Care
We will provide you with heath care just as we do our campers. Our camp nurse preforms all basic health care at camp. Parents or their health insurance are financially responsible for any preexisting conditions, or any condition or emergency which may require off camp treatment, consultation, medication, or hospitalization. CIT's are required to present a current health form to the nurse 10 days prior to the beginning of camp. We require all CIT's to take a drug test while at camp. In addition, we do random drug testing during the camp sessions.

Time Off
CITs have many opportunities for down time when they are not helping in direct camper supervision. Daily Cit's recieve Free Time off. During this time, they are participating as a camper in camp activities. For this reason, we provide no individual time off during sessions. During the session break, we encourage CIT's to leave camp and go with their family.

Personal Belongings
You will furnish all of your own personal belongings, a packing list will be mailed to you in May highlighting items to bring to camp. Laundry can be washed with your cabin. Let's all try to keep camp a natural setting by not bringing electronics items including: walkmen, radios, cellular phones, tv's, pagers, etc. Feel free to bring CD's or tapes you want to share with the cabin. Its important to have a bag of tricks to help entertain your younger campers, feel free to bring any items that might help you with this such as books, stories, games, arts & crafts, etc.

You may have visitors at camp with prior permission from the Director . We ask you to schedule visits when you have limited camp responsibilities. Visitors are limited to a 3 hour visit and no visitor may spend the night at camp. During sessions parents may take CIT's out for no more that one full day per summer.

Use of Camp Equipment
CIT's are allowed to use camp equipment and participate in any activity with their cabin. Because we feel responsible for you we ask that you not use any equipment individually or be unsupervised at any time.

Restricted Areas
CIT's are not permitted in any of the restricted areas without Director's permission, this includes: the staff lounge, Directors cabin, Care takers cabin, Kitchen, Boiler room, or Work-shed. CIT's are permitted to leave camp only with their cabin or group. They are not allowed to leave camp individually except with special permission from the Director and your parents.

CIT's are responsible for getting to camp on time. They may choose to ride the camp bus from Chicago for an additional charge. CIT's are not permitted to bring a car or motorcycle to camp. CIT's may not drive any camp vehicles for personal transportation or for camp purposes. You must be 21 to drive a camp vehicle.

Cabin Assignments
The Camp Director assigns each CIT to a cabin with 2 other staff members and up to ten campers for the duration of the session. CIT's are required to live and sleep in the cabin with their campers. CIT's are required to be in their cabins during quiet time and be in bed by 10:30pm each night.

As a role model for campers, CIT's are required to adhere to and uphold all camp policies and procedures, the information in this "LIFE AT SWIFT NATURE CAMP- a CIT Guide" and the CIT Job Description.

Camp Store
CIT's will be allowed to set up a camp store charge for purchases just like campers. These camp store charges will be deducted from your final tuition reimbursement. CIT's will receive "Counselor Pricing" a small savings over retail prices.

Telephone Usage
With permission from the Director, CIT's may use the office phone once between sessions to call their parents (please limit calls to 10 minutes). You may only accept emergency phone calls, from parents or loved ones. Sorry their is no internet or cell phone access for Cits.

Meal Times
CIT's are required to sit with their cabin at meal time, and be role models by using proper dinning hall procedures and manners.

CIT's should become friends with campers and staff but never overstep the boundary of friendship to relationship and never engage in sexual activity.

Each CIT at Swift Nature Camp has the trust and support of the Director. We feel it is important to provide our CIT's with friendship, advice, and an understanding ear . Our system of evaluations is often informal and an on going daily process. Each session we will meet with you and do a written Performance Review, commending your good performance and identifying areas that may require additional attention. We also hope that you can give us input, so we can learn from you.

Swift Nature Camp expects you to cheerfully follow the rules and regulations. Camp reserves the right to terminate your position if your conduct, physical condition, services, attitude or influence is deemed unsatisfactory or for any other reason or cause. If you leave camp early for any reason, your tuition will not be refunded and your tuition reimbursement will be prorated to the amount of time worked minus any deductions.

Thank You for seriously considering leaving your family and friends this summer to come to camp and help children be the very best they can be. You will be contributing positively to their future and to future generations. It's a great sacraffice, But it will fill your heart with love and friendship, your going to love it! See ya soon


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