Counselor in Training Job Description

Seeking Applicants Who:

  • Have turned 16 or 17 years of age prior to the beginning of camp (if your 15 you can be a camper 1 more year)
  • Have spent a prior year at camp, as a camper or CIT
  • Are patient , friendly, cooperative, outgoing, and approachable
  • Demonstrate by example maturity, responsibility and leadership qualities
  • Have an ability and desire to work with children
  • Integrate and communicate positively with campers and staff
  • Accepts responsibility for others and easily takes directions from staff


  • Lives in a cabin with 2 other counselors and a total of 10 campers
  • Assists counselors with leadership and guidance of campers in daily living skills, with special attention to:
    ~Personal hygiene and safety
    ~Camper participation in camp activities
    ~Camper personal growth, self-confidence and independence through group living
  • Actively participates in camp activities including games, sing alongs, skits, vespers and campfires
  • Upholds the rules, policies, and traditions of the camp to the camper
  • Serves as a good role model and example to campers in personal language, appearance, manners and health habits
  • Assists counselors in daily activities as determined by the Camp Director and Counselor
  • Never is left alone with campers or responsible for punishing Campers.

Terms & Salary

The CIT program begins at 5:00 pm on July 2, 2017 and continues until August 11, 2017 at 9:00am. During this 6 weeks of employment, CIT's agree to all camp rules and policies,terms as outlined in the Swift Nature Camp-a CIT guide, the Job Description and the CIT contract.

CIT's Tuition for camp is $2000 for the 6 weeks of camp .

Camp Tuition Reimbursement for the CIT is $75 per week, paid at the end of camp plus a$10 weekly allowance ($450). Tuition Reimbursement is non-taxable.


25 Baybrook Ln.

Oak Brook, IL 60523

Phone: 630-654-8036


W7471 Ernie Swift Rd.

Minong, WI 54859

Phone: 715-466-5666