Summer Camp Gift Certificates

Swift Nature Camp should be on your gift list!

The holidays are coming. And, once again, you're probably wondering what to get your children as a gift. Is your home already filled with every type of electronic item a child can want? We all have to much stuff so why not provide an experience that will live long past all the other stuff has been recycled.

Summer camp is all about making relationships and connections while many of the other gifts given these days isolate children from each other. instead this year give the gift that will reconnect them.

Consider giving your children the gift of CAMP! Camp doesn't need wrapping and its batteries won't wear out. And, unlike this year's hot, new toy, it is a gift your kids will remember well into adulthood ... we promise!

And camp will bring them other wonderful gifts, such as confidence, independence and self-discovery. Not to mention the gift of summer friendships.


It's true that we all have our moments in which we just want to chill out in front of a lit-up screen. But summer is an ideal time for your child to take an extended break from all the electronics and become immersed in the real world, in realtime with real experiences and real opportunities for genuine growth. It is the ultimate 24/7 playdate -- and it is the ultimate gift you can give your child.

Yes, gift certificates are available please give us an email or call so we can get it to you in time for the Holidays.

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