Hey Swift Staffers

Welcome to SNC. As you know coming to a new place and dedicating your life to children for the next 8 weeks takes loads of commitment.

We want our staff to be the very best that they can be. So we have a few things we would like you to ponder.

Please answer the below questions on a separate sheet and bring to camp for discussion

1st- Is child safety both emotional and physical. Here is what we Tell the Parents -

1) Why is it important to have rules at camp?

2) Why might the rules be hard to enforce? Which might be hardest for you to uphold?

3 What is Constructive Discipline Policy? How will you use it?

4) Bullying your thoughts? What is the most effective way to stop it?

5) What do you feel is most important in this list? Why?

2nd- Camp is a place of change, this is true for campers and staff alike. We ask our campers to change, thoughts, actions and even beliefs.

1) What changes of yourself do you want to make at camp? How might this happen?

2) How will you be seen by campers? How will you achieve this?

3) How will you be seen by staff? How will you achieve this?

4) What will you do daily to remember how you want to be seen by campers and staff?

Thank you for taking the time to think about these issues, please bring your paperwork to camp.

P.S. Don't Forget the Other ON-LINE TRAINING VIDEOS & ANSWERS SHEETS. (you wil find them on the 'm coming to camp page)


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