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Prior to packing....Please note our DRESS CODE

Swift Nature Camp Dress Code

We hate to do this but many of the items that children wear these days to the mall are not appropriate for camp. Camp clothes should be old and not a fashion statement. Camp is about you not your clothes. T-shirts are wonderful camp clothes .S.N.C. expects campers to wear underwear and have no exposed bellies, cleavages or fannies. This rules out all short shorts, Spaghetti string tops or midriff tops. Oh, and on those T-shirts make sure the logos or sayings are camp appropriate as well, no drugs, alcohol or sex promoted. We also are a no makeup camp, so don't bring it. As for bathing suits only 1 piece suits are acceptable. If you wear something that does not meet our code we will ask you to change so be prepared. Please bring close toed shoes (crocks), No flip flops or Sandals are allowed. Thanks for your understanding.



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